About The Great Dad Society 

In 2020, the Becoming A Great Dad podcast was born out the need to give dads a platform to talk about techniques and strategies to be an amazing dad. Fathers from around the world start to listen to the podcast and created a community around sharing their voices around parenthood. "I think the podcast was just the start of something bigger" says Christopher Boudy, host of the show. "I start get e-mails and voice memos from dads, sharing their stories, and I realized there is a community of fathers that have great advice and want to help each other". No matter what your background, fathers want the same thing: they want to be better dads so they can raise amazing kids.

"It was from that sense of community, that the Great Dad Society was born" says Boudy. While the Great Dad Society may be a brand promoting fatherhood, we see it much more than that. The Great Dad Society (GDS) is a more than just apparel and merchandise, it’s a commitment that all fathers should make to work toward greatness.  These are products (shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie, mugs, etc) that was made by dads for dads.  Wearing these items reinforces the dedication, sacrifice, and duty to be apart of a community of great fathers.


Chris B.
Creative Director
Charlotte M.
Product Designer

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Graphic Designer

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Customer Rep